Surprising Facts About Synergylabs Dental Fresh For Dogs And Cats

Richard Ticktin - 29 Jun. 2017

At SynergyLabs, we make everything we sell. By doing this, we control the quality of the ingredients from the minute the raw materials reach our doorstep, until they’re used to produce a product. To us it’s really all about the quality.

Recently our CEO Richard D Ticktin participated in an interview with the Pet Radio Show,  an online magazine about dogs, cats, all pets, pet health and welfare.

The complete interview can be heard below.

Richard talked about SynergyLabs Dental Fresh, so we’ve transcribed that portion of the interview:

Host: You also have a product called Dental Fresh.

Richard: Our best selling product.

Host: Is that like a toothpaste or a gel that you kinda spread out in your pet’s mouth?

Richard: It’s amazing. There are several different Dental Fresh products. The original Dental Fresh product which is still made about 19 years later, was and still is the first product of its type ever and I should have patented it, but like a dummy I didn’t. Dental Fresh is a product that you add to drinking water. It has no taste, it has no odor and it has no color. The pet does not know it’s in the water and it kills the germs in the drinking bowl and in the mouth that allow plaque and tartar to accumulate. You know when you go to change your dog’s water bowl? Sometimes we just add water but often times we clean it out right?

Host: Right.

Richard: When you go to clean out the bowl, you dump out the water that’s in there, you put your hand in the bottom of the bowl and it’s slippery isn’t it?

Host: That’s true, yes, kinda slimy.

Richard: A slime layer growing in there. So that slime layer is actually the same bacteria that are living in their mouth and that’s actually how the bacteria got into the water bowl was from their tongue.

Richard: When you use Dental Fresh one of the most rewarding parts to me of using the product is that you can tell it’s working because when you go to clean out the water bowl there is no slime in the bottom at all. None. So we’re actually killing the bacteria in the water bowl and in the mouth that allow the biofilm to form and that biofilm is where the plaque and tartar begin. And that’s the original Dental Fresh. We now have Dental Fresh Gel and Dental Fresh Spray. The gel is completely different. It has 7 different enzymes that have been clinically proven to help remove plaque and tartar and it’s about 95% natural ingredients.

Host: Is this a toothpaste type of thing?

Richard: It’s a gel. It’s like a tooth gel. It comes in a tube.

Host: So do you use a brush with it to apply it to the dog’s teeth?

Richard: You absolutely can. We have a few different kits. Dental Fresh Gel you can buy it with this really beautiful (we designed with the help of veterinarians) a 3 headed toothbrush. So you can either buy a tube of gel with the toothbrush. We also offer tips and heads, I don’t know if you’ve seen them, they’re little fingertip toothbrushes. It’s like a thimble that you put over your finger and it has little bristles on it and particularly good for small dogs, but I use them on large dogs as well. So it’s a fingertip toothbrush. With my own dog Captain, I just take some of the gel and put it on my finger and rub it into his gums and teeth. He loves the flavor of it, there’s a peanut butter flavor to it. He never ever has bad breath and my little guy just turned a year old about a week and a half ago and his teeth are absolutely 100% perfect.

Host: It’s not something they fight when you’re trying to apply it?

Richard: The original Dental Fresh that you add to the water, they don’t even know it’s there. So there’s nothing to fight about. The gel, the toothpaste, tooth gel, it really depends on the pet. Have they been raised since they were a puppy having a toothbrush in their mouth or not? If they have, it’s no problem at all, it tastes great. Some of them don’t like having their teeth brushed. You need to teach them how to accept it. It’s for cats and dogs. We even have people that use it on their equines and believe it or not we have a Sheikh in Dubai that uses it on his camels! I kid you not.

Host: I wonder if they can do it without the camel spitting on them?

Richard: I don’t know. I haven’t seen it but I did get a really funny photograph from our distributor in the United Arab Emirates of a camel with very bright teeth.

Host: Wow that’s great! And dental disease really is such a problem with our pets and one that’s getting a lot more attention now. And it is horrible when it gets to that point, so it’s great if you can avoid that for as long as possible.

Richard: It’s much less expensive, it’s much less painful and much less challenging to their health and welfare if you avoid it rather than treat it after it occurs.