SynergyLabs Grooming Life offers an extensive collection of premium spa-products conveniently packaged for home-use. Our high-quality, highly concentrated cosmetic & medicated grooming aids are tailored a-la-carte to work with specific coat types, breeds, colors, as well as skin issues. Each cruelty-free and eco-friendly formula is scientifically developed in our research & development facilities to maximize cleanliness, gentleness, and results.

We source and utilize the earth’s most nourishing & healing elements as well as OTC pharmaceutical medicated materials depending on the need or skin issue. Our formulations are made to help promote the perfect, healthy & clean look – with added beneficial essential oils and gentle perfumes to extend bath day well into the future. Keep your pet feeling, looking, and smelling its best with our customized formulations.


At SynergyLabs, our award-winning laboratory chemists and company owner Richard Ticktin, pride themselves on gut-wrenching honesty – even if we look “worse” (face-value) than the competition. Allow us to explain – because you must be thinking – why would we admit we look worse…? That’s crazy – right?

Here’s the deal…and we’ve all seen it. Many other “competitors” spew buzz-worthy dilution ratios front-and-center on their packaging, for example, 20:1, 30:1 or even 50:1…(have you bought into this?)…it’s ok if you have. You have good reason to trust what manufacturers put on their packaging. However, we’re not so sure you will after you hear us out.

It’s been our teams combined vision to dispel the gross negligence of these marketing lies that make you “believe” you’re buying the best….when in fact, there’s nothing in the bottle remotely comparable. Don’t believe us? Let’s explore, what we’d like to call, math.

Take a peek at our “secrets,” and you’ll never think of dilution ratios the same way again: TICKTIN TALKS, “TRUTH AND LIES ABOUT DILUTION AND MARKET CONFUSION.”